DXCC Verification Discrepancies

Jeff, K6JW

I have a “C” v. “V” problem in DXKeeper. The ARRL DXCC program formally credits me correctly for my active and deleted totals, and the count matches my mixed totals in DXKeeper’s Progress Report. What doesn’t match is the total of “V” notations. When I run the comparison report, I find that just over 2000 QSOs bear a “C” notation when the ARRL notation should be “V”. Of course, these contacts are scattered throughout the log. Because the discrepancy report screen comes up in MS Notepad rather than as a log database screen that can be batch edited, there seems – unless I’m missing something – to be no way for me easily to convert the Cs to Vs, which is what I think should be done, right?  Do I understand the difference between “C” and “V” correctly? If so, there should be a way to fix this as a batch edit. The alternative is just to ignore the issue since the ARRL record is correct. Still, it would be nice to have everything match. Is there a way to batch convert all these Cs to Vs?

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