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Andrew OBrien

Good info Larry.
Dave , when configured as outlined in the link to the wiki, will a QSO logged to DXK be auto uploaded to LoTW if this is one’s normal DXK setting ? 
Andy K3uk 


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Mike, W8DN, provided exactly the right answer if you want to run a contest and have the DXLab suite running as subordinate to N1MM - looking up callsigns and saving contacts to the DXLab database.

There is another scenario: when you are not running a contest, but you are DXing with DXLab and want N1MM to be subordinate to DXLab. I use this scenario to watch N1MM's Spectrum Display while doing general-purpose logging. In this arrangement, you may need to disable some settings in N1MM's Configurer (especially CW keying) to avoid serial port conflicts between the two programs. To make this easy, you can create a custom N1MM .INI file and refer to that INI when when launching N1MM from a shortcut. (in this configuration your QSO's in Commander are not dual-logged in N1MM)
You can find more information here:

-larry (K8UT)

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Thanks Mike!

73 de Dave, W5SV

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Mike / W8DN

On 12/14/2020 7:18 PM, David Reed wrote:
I am interested in running N1MM when I am contesting, in conjunction with the rest of the DXLab Suite of programs…

Is there some wiki on this?

I assume part of it is to set up a different workspace to not active DXKeeper and to activate N1MM…

what else should I be worrying about?

Thanks for your suggestions and help, as always!

73 de W5SV - David F. Reed

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