Re: Sync LoTW QSLs

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Today I wanted to update my log from LoTW. In the interest of time I opted to do a CTRL Sync LoTW QSLs instead.

+ That's a time-wise expensive operation. Ordinarily, "Sync LoTW QSOs" (without depressing CTRL) is sufficient.

When I did so I got the following result:

+ Attachments aren't conveyed here, so I can't see your result.

The time never decrements and I have to close DXK and restart it.

+ Did you try clicking the Abort button in the "Online QSL Synchronization window?

One time I tried and got another window from DXK saying that it was an invalid request. This is the first time I have tried this. I guess I am doing something wrong but have no idea what that might be. I have some 28000 QSOs in my log. I can update my log from LoTW overnight, but don't know if that will be enough time, and don't think that is necessary.

+ LoTW has not been behaving well of late; the lack of response and "invalid request" may be symptoms of whatever is ailing it.


Dave, AA6YQ

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