Re: Incorrect format in frequency display

Scott Anderson

Hi Dave,
This is an Icom IC-775DSP.

I was just getting WinWabbler setup for the first time, so if I recall, most of my change were there. I could not get Commander or WinWabbler to transmit, so I made a change on the radio too.
Changed CI-V Transceive to Off
Changed CI-V 731 (operating frequency data length) from 5 bits to 4 bits - I did this per an old post to to get DXlab to transmit through the cv-i cable

I changed my CI-V 731 back and that seems to have fixed my display problem. Now to get WinWabbler to transmit.

And of course I didn't make a backup, lol! First lesson of computers. I'll make a backup before I change anything else.

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