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Hasan Schiers N0AN

Thanks, Dave.  
I can handle it manually with ease, I just thought it was really a neat feature that I was too dull to figure out.
73, N0AN

On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 3:13 PM Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:
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DXC 14.7.4 TS-590SG

I need to set the filters separately in each memory channel. When I attempt to do so, it always says the filter bandwidth is the last filter bandwidth that the radio has been set to. It should change the filter bandwidth to what I have set when I saved it.

Example 1:

a. Tune Radio to 3,573.00 USB Set BW 0-3400 Hz. (in prep to run FT8) b. Click on Save Button #12 c. Click on Filters & Devices Button to see what was saved: it is Lo cut 0; Hi cut 3400 as desired.

Example 2:

a. Tune Radio to 3,970.00 LSB Set BW 200-2600 Hz (in prep to check into SSB NET) b. Click on Save Button #13; Mode & Freq Change as desired c. Click on Filters & Devices Button to see what was saved: it is Lo cut 200; Hi cut 2600 as desired.

Now Click on Sel Button for Memory #12 (to return to FT8 Memory)

a. Frequency changes to 3,573.00
b. Mode changes from LSB to USB
c. Click on Filters & Devices:

Filter is not set to 200/2600, it remains at 0/3400

It appears that the filter settings are not being memorized or recalled, but just sitting at the last setting of the radio.

What am I doing wrong? It surely had to been something silly!

+ Commander supports the concept of a "Filter Group" for some radio models:


+ A Commander memory can save and restore a "Filter Group" selection.

+ "Filter Groups" are not supported for Kenwood radios. This is Enhancement #636 in



               Dave, AA6YQ

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