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Further to that, wrap all cables coming into your computer around a two inch type 31 toroid  form. That will probably eliminate your rfi problem, which needs to be done first. 

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+ AA6YQ comments below

I sometimes am unable to log WSJT Q's thru JTAlert due to RFI issue. I must log manually.

Today, for first time, I copied WSJT-X log and pasted it into DXKeeper k7eg.adi file.  There is also a k7eg.mdb folder.  I only used adi file.  Is that correct?

+ No. DXKeeper does not reference your K7EG.ADI file, thus your action had no operational impact.

+ If your objective is to import all QSOs logged by WSJT-X that were not logged to DXKeeper, then you must import the ADIF file generated by WSJT-X into your DXKeeper log file with duplicate checking enabled and set for a range of 1 minute. This requires DXKeeper to check each QSO being imported against every other logged QSO; depending on the number of QSOs in your log and the number of QSOs being imported, this import operation can take a very long time. See


There maybe several dupes but that did not cause a problem. The JTAlert to DXKeeper works most of the time but once RFI hits it - game over.

+ DXLab applications require a reliable computer running Windows. A situation in which RFI is interfering with your computer's operation does not meet this requirement.

+ The adverse impact on your computer each time you transmit could be doing damage that isn't as visible as a QSO not being logged from JT-Alert to DXKeeper. I strongly suggest that you

1. backup your log, all critical files, and all settings, as described in steps 1, 2, and 3 in


+ The SafeStorage folder referred to in those instructions should be somewhere other than on your computer; a thumb drive, for example.

2. Backup all other critical files and application installers

3. Eliminate the RFI problem

4. Wipe your hard drive, re-install Windows, and re-install your applications (Complete the rest of the steps in the article cited above)

+ Step 4 prevents a latent problem or set of problems caused by RFI from popping up unexpectedly at some inconvenient point in the future.


              Dave, AA6YQ

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