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Carlo - IK2RPE


At last I managed to launch a CTRL-"Sync LoTW QSOs" (at morning, European time) and in a very short time I got the "answer".

Analysing the report I got 12.235 QSLs processed and:

1. a large number (656) had "IOTA candidate doesn't specify an IOTA tag" - perfectly understandable
2. other had "WAS (or WAZ) candidate doesn't specify an WAS (or WAZ) tag" - perfectly understandable
3. in few other case there was a "log vs LotW mismatch" - no problem to check and may be correct them


4. there were issues in other **237** QSOs with Result "no matching QSO in log". Examining them I discovered that:
4.1 in most cases, i.e. **207**, the QSO's were CONFIRMED in LoTW and in DxKeeper>Loq_QSOs>Online_QSL>LotW> in "rcvd" they were flagged with "Y" and with a proper date in "date rcvd" - that is strange, why no matching QSO in log, with date, time, mode, freq same/correct in both LotW and DxKeeper?!
4.2 in the remaining **30** QSO's were CONFIRMED in LoTW but in DxKeeper>Loq_QSOs>Online_QSL>LotW> in "rcvd" the flag was "R" (requested) and not "Y" and of course no date in "date rcvd"

I wished only to let you know my findings for which I have no answers


Carlo IK2RPE

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* More AA6YQ comments below

+ Why are you doing a CTRL-"Sync LoTW QSOs"?

Because the “DXKeeper Update from LotW” windows says: “the Log Page Display contains 29.934 QSOs, so depressing CTRL while clicking “Sync LoTW QSOs” will certainly be faster”

* Yes it will, but why are you trying to update the LoTW acceptance status of every QSO in your log?

* Why not limit the operation to only those QSOs that haven't been accepted by LoTW?


Dave, AA6YQ

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