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Jim N7US

Another approach is to eliminate FT8 spots from being sent by a CC Cluster, such as VE7CC or AE5E, by sending the command:  "SET/NOFT8" .

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Thank you for your reply.  I have my SC setup by band and mode, but I am trying to show spots for not only band/mode, but a select frequency range.  As an example, this morning a 30 meter cw filter showed a full page of spots  with only about three being CW and the rest were FT8.  I would like to let only spots say from 10.100 MHz to 10.130 MHz be displayed.

+ You can eliminate the FT8 stations by checking the FT8 box in SpotCollector's "Pre-filtering" window.

+ Alternatively, you can filter the Spot Database Display with the SQL expression

FREQUENCY between 10100 and 10130


+ Leaving the 30m pre-filtering in place will retain the benefit of reducing CPU loading from spots on other bands - but blind you to the presence of "needed" stations and useful propagation openings on those other bands.


              Dave, AA6YQ

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