Re: Assistance with DXKeeper

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Dave I uploaded a screen shot of my log to the Files section under my call W4RJF...for your review.

+ Thanks for the screen shot, Ronald. For those wishing to take a look, it's here:


+ The screenshot shows that the Address item in your QSO with W5GOL correctly contains

Joel Goldstein
319 Pettway Circle
Greenwood, AR 72936

+ You have configured the Log Page Display to include a column for the Address item. Only the first line of each QSO's address is visible in this column because the address lines are separated by line break characters, so that they will be properly printed on envelopes or address labels.

+ When you manually populate a QSO's Address item, you should include line breaks so that the address will be properly formatted when printed. See


+ which describes this item as

"the full name and address to which a request for QSL should be sent, formatted as you wish it to appear on an envelope or label (use the Enter key to insert line breaks)"

+ DXKeeper is performing as designed.


Dave, AA6YQ

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