Re: Assistance with DXKeeper

iain macdonnell - N6ML

On Mon, Nov 23, 2020 at 4:54 PM <> wrote:

I have notices for some time that my log entry information has changed. When I lookup a contact using the Edit...CBA feature the Name Field shows a first name only. The Address Field shows the contacts full name. The address does not show. I use Pathfinder which is setup for Online Callbook.

Could someone provide a suggestion on what I may have changed or what setting I need to address. Thanks in advance.
A similar issue was reported in late September, where a PathFinder
result where the name includes a "nickname" produced a
similar-sounding result. Although I don't see it mentioned in the
release notes, I believe that this was fixed in DXKeeper 15.8.5. Are
you running at least that version?


~iain / N6ML

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