Re: 60 Meter Real time Award Tracking

F.R. Ashley

NR1DX and others...

Lately I have been trying to finish off 80 meter DXCC and stuck around
the 90 confirmed mark.   I haven't been seeing much DX on 80M FT8 lately
so for the heck of it I went to 60M, and man, the band was jammed with
DX stations!  Now I know why I'm not seeing much on 80.

Back in January I was in St. Kitts and when I called CQ on 60 it sounded
like half of EU answered and I ran a string of EUs for a few hours.  I
know the V4 prefixed helped a lot but I was surprised at the amount of
interest on 60 meters seeing how none of the QSO's are good for any
awards. I had several direct QSL requests for a card.  Perhaps they have
worked everything on all the other bands and looking for a new thrill, hi.

73 Buddy WB4M

On 11/18/2020 9:39 PM, Dave / NR1DX wrote:
Was just curious.  I know you your position on ARRL and the band and
am not here to debate it

FT8 has put 60M on the map so to speak .You can work the "equivalent"
of DXCC on 60M FT8 5357 these days in a matter of months (I am at 125
after a year

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