Spot collector settings reset to defaults on start up

David Aslin

Hi all,
When I started DXLab this morning, Spot Collector came up with a pop-up with lots of text and Enter your callsign. I couldn't read the text as it was mostly greyed out, but I entered my callsign anyhow. (My excuse: I was doing this prior to my first coffee of the day).
When DXLac was all running (all modules except PF enabled) I noticed I was getting no spots.  Checking SC config, I found that all 4 spot sources had reset to the defaults and the auto boxes were not checked.
While it was relatively simple to retrieve and enter the credentials of my usual spot sources, I'd prefer not to have to repeat this. 
Any clues as to why this happened?  DXLab and its databases are fully up-to-date and there hasn't been a W10 update on my shack PC for a week or more.
73, David G3WGN M6O

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