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Barry Murrell ZS2EZ

Hi Dave (NR1DX)

Do you have the DXKeeper Scripts that Dave (AA6YQ) made available for
checking 60m Entities worked and 60m States worked? Makes keeping track of
60m totals very easy....

If you don't have them pop me a mail and I will send them your way....

KF26ta - Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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Was just curious.  I know you your position on ARRL and the band and am not
here to debate it

FT8 has put 60M on the map so to speak .You can work the "equivalent" of
DXCC on 60M FT8 5357 these days in a matter of months (I am at 125 after a
year)  . I have resorted to using an Excel spread sheet to keep track of it.
Something to to do when there are no new ones to work on the other bands, we
have a friendly local competition here on that band.
Most dxpeditions spend some time on 60M by popular demand these days (7Q7RU
was on there last night ..though they didn't work the standard
5357 and were out of "slot" for USA)

Try it you might like it if you work FT8 at all. CW and SSB are largely non
existent though

Keep up the good work


On 11/18/2020 9:28 PM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

Curious have you personally operated on 60M FT8 on 5357?

+ I have monitored the frequency with WSJT-X once or twice, but not
made any FT8 QSOs on that band. I've made exactly one QSO on 60m - in
SSB back in 2014.

+ Bouvet Island is one of the 4 DXCC entities I have not confirmed in
a digital mode; if a station from Bouvet were QRV 60m FT8 Fox/Hound, I
would not attempt to work it; even if the spot notes said "begging!".


            Dave, AA6YQ


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