Re: 60 Meter Real time Award Tracking

Barry Murrell ZS2EZ

IF the Rebel DX Group do go to Bouvet, they will definitely be operating FT8 – but highly unlikely that they will work 60m!!  Simply not sufficient volume of operators there to make it worthwhile, when they can run either 40m or 80m with massive pileups!!


The Russian Robinson crew in Malawi on the other hand ARE operating 60m FT8 – worked them last night for my #101 on the band…. But Malawi is nowhere near as rare as Bouvet!!

The REALLY rare ones aren’t going to waste time on 60m…



KF26ta - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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Subject: Re: [DXLab] 60 Meter Real time Award Tracking


+ AA6YQ comments below

Curious have you personally operated on 60M FT8 on 5357?

+ I have monitored the frequency with WSJT-X once or twice, but not made any FT8 QSOs on that band. I've made exactly one QSO on 60m - in SSB back in 2014.

+ Bouvet Island is one of the 4 DXCC entities I have not confirmed in a digital mode; if a station from Bouvet were QRV 60m FT8 Fox/Hound, I would not attempt to work it; even if the spot notes said "begging!".


            Dave, AA6YQ

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