Re: 60 Meter Real time Award Tracking

Dave AA6YQ

On Wed, Nov 18, 2020 at 06:39 PM, Dave / NR1DX wrote:
Was just curious.  I know you your position on ARRL and the band and am not here to debate it

FT8 has put 60M on the map so to speak .You can work the "equivalent" of DXCC on 60M FT8 5357 these days in a matter of months (I am at 125 after a year)  . I have resorted to using an Excel spread sheet to keep track of it. Something to to do when there are no new ones to work on the other bands, we have a friendly local competition here on that band. Most dxpeditions spend some time on 60M by popular demand these days (7Q7RU was on there last night ..though they didn't work the standard 5357 and were out of "slot" for USA)

Try it you might like it if you work FT8 at all. CW and SSB are largely non existent though

Keep up the good work

+ DXKeeper will generate a progress report for DXCC on 60m: filter the Log Page Display with 


+ and then click the Progress button in the "DXCC, Challenge, and TopList" panel on the Main window's "Check Progress" tab; the "Mixed" stats will show your 60m accomplishments. You can create a script that performs both the filtering and progress report generation steps.

+ New DXCC Challenge counters are few and far between, so while waiting for an F2 opening on 6m (2023, maybe?), my informal objective is to confirm all DXCC entities in FT8.


              Dave, AA6YQ

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