Re: DXView Beam Headings


On 14/11/2020 07:32, Barry Murrell ZS2EZ wrote:

Hi Dave


For years now (since I put up my tower) I have had my beam orientated based on True North… a recent visitor to my shack (a relative newcomer to the hobby but with experience in antennas) commented that I SHOULD be aligning my antennas to Magnetic North (at my QTH about 22 degrees East of True North.  This got me thinking – are the headings displayed in DXView based on Magnetic North or True North??  A study of DXView’s Help didn’t give any definitve answer….


As my rotator needs to be removed  for repair, this would be a good opportunity to realign my antennas (if necessary!)




did he explain why rotator bearings should be relative to magnetic North, that seems strange and unintuitive to me. The magnetic N pole moves and can even flip with the magnetic S pole (although probably not in the lifetime of your station equipment). Maps are usually oriented with True North. I don't see any benefit with aerial alignment to magnetic N other than some notional propagation correlation, which is probably incorrect as the Auroral Ovals are to some extent aligned with the Solar Zenith as they are with the Earth's magnetic field. If you wanted to align aerials with propagation features you should probably put a stick in the ground and use it's shadow as a guide!




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