Re: I would appreciate it if someone would respond to the most recent DXLab review ...

Russ Ravella

Dang - tried to post a rebuttal but since I’ve already posted an eHAM DXLS review (in response to another oddly misinformed contribution), it will only let me edit that.  As it happens I addressed his objections in general in that review for whatever it's worth now.

I’m always confused by reviews like this.  The things this person is complaining about are 1) VERY easy to find and use without any help at all and, 2) even if they weren’t are totally explained in also very easy to find and understand documentation.  And any effort would lead to this forum where Dave himself is as good as right next door to help.  What reference could they possibly be comparing to that’s more or better than that ?  Especially considering the pretty lousy software state-of-the-art we all deal with day in and day out.  DXLS is like a tall, cool glass of ice water in the middle of a bone dry baking hot desert.

If only Dave were responsible for Flex Radio software for example …(sorry for the nightmarish image that must conjure up Dave).

Glad others were able to address it directly.
Russ KR6W

On Nov 12, 2020, at 6:24 PM, KE8G <ke8g.jim@...> wrote:

I just posted a 5 star review and contradicted his statement about the difficulty in generating a DXCC report.

It's awaiting approval.

73 de Jim - KE8G

On Thu, Nov 12, 2020 at 7:54 PM Sidney Shusterman <k3sx@...> wrote:
I just added a 5 star review Dave. We know you are a modest person but 
in the past you have mentioned a place where we could donate to show our 
appreciation. Especially with the Holiday season upon us (already) 
please remind us which charity or organization it is.

Now that I am retired I am doing my bucket list for awards chasing and 
the DX Lab Suite has made this an easy task.

73 Sid K3SX

On 11/12/2020 5:24 PM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
> ... in eHam, as I cannot.
> Specifically, the review asserts that it is difficult to obtain a "DXCC count".
>        73,
>                Dave, AA6YQ

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