Re: Flaky behavior since last Windows update

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below
I have some interesting results to report. First, rebooting into "Safe Mode with Networking" did indeed make Launcher start in a normal amount of time (i.e. a couple of seconds). An explicit exception for DXLabLauncher.exe did not remedy the problem. I started suspecting some other "Startup" program could be interfering, so I disabled all Startup applications, and sure enough, Launcher started in a normal amount of time. I have concluded that the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite is the culprit. Adobe has 5 startup applications: AcroTray, "Adobe GC Invoker Utility", "Adobe Updater Startup Utility", CCXProcess.exe (had to Google that one) and "Creative Cloud Desktop". With those 5 applications disabled, and everything else enabled, Launcher starts normally. Unfortunately, I need the Adobe suite for work, so I can't just uninstall it. I am going to try and determine if perhaps just one of these 5 is at the root of the issue, and maybe I do not need it to auto-start.

+ Thanks for the report, Matt! I have added "Adobe Creative Cloud Suite" to 



            Dave, AA6YQ


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