Re: IOTA handling

Salvatore Besso


Dave, thank you for the reply.

Only if IOTA-World considers that activation valid.
of course, I'm already aware of this.

You can add a QSO to your IOTA submission by setting
its "IOTA VFY" item to 'S'.
yes, but it would be a very tedious and time consuming job that would imply a great waste of time, as I'm doing now, to find some confirmed by LotW QSOs which are not recognized by IOTA-World and on which they are still investigating.

I suppose that to add a QSO like you suggest, I must:

1. Generate a submission with DXKeeper
2. Transform it into a csv file to import into Excel (already tedious)
3. Download my "Pending QSOs" from IOTA-World
4. Load #3 into Excel (luckily, it's already a csv file)
5. Chech the QSOs, one by one, to find the QSO to add

Or is there a faster method? Please, notice that I'm not ready to submit to IOTA-World yet, I only want to identify QSOs to be periodically loaded into my "Pending QSOs".

There is now an API that DXKeeper could invoke to obtain
the list of valid activations
I hope that it will be activated very soon.

Thank you.

73 de
Salvatore (I4FYV)

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