Re: DXLabSuites Support Multicast UDP?

Hasan Schiers N0AN

Dave the offending programs were from a list you published. I took all the ones in your list that were running in my computer and disabled or uninstalled them. That did it. Was a simple comparison: Your List  vs What was on my computer. 

On Wed, Nov 4, 2020 at 1:30 PM Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

After thinking about your "plumbing" comment, you are most likely correct. I learn conceptually but a simple "do this, then this, then that" is probably more useful and a lot less cumbersome.

The other thing about double-clicking on a call in SpotCollector and having it act as if I had either done so in X itself or JTA, seems nearly redundant.

If a needed spot comes in, I know to look for it in JTA's display (filtered), or in the Band Activity window of X. If observed in either of those two, I can double-click and be on the rx freq. and ready to go.

If I don't observe them in either of those two, then the ability to double-click from SpotCollector has little to no value anyway.

+ That's not correct in my experience. Being able to double-click a K1JT-mode Spot Database Entry to configure WSJT-X to call the Entry's callsign in the Entry's mode, QSY to the bottom of the mode's sub-band, and rotate my antenna to the correct heading eliminates several otherwise manual steps; missing one of those steps couold cost a transmit cycle.

p.s. Now that we found some of the pre-loaded programs that caused DXLab programs to load slowly and fixed them (from 30 sec or more down to 5 seconds once the offending programs were removed), I also find that I no longer have 10 to 20 second delays on automatic upload qso to LOTW (in real time). It takes under 2 seconds now.

+ Great! Which pre-loaded programs were responsible for the delays?

My question: I have been told by several people that real time uploads of each qso to LOTW is not appreciated by the powers that be, and that manual batch uploading is preferred.

+ That was true before the LoTW Server re-engineering project was completed in 2017, which is why DXKeeper did not support automatic realtime uploads to LoTW until then. I double-checked with ARRL IT Manager Mike K1MK before adding this capability, and then published his "blessing" on the LoTW Developers online group so that all logging application developers would be aware that automatic realtime uploads are ok to provide. Why the incorrect rumor you report is circulating, I don't know; I guess some people just enjoying playing "ain't it awful?".


                   Dave, AA6YQ

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