Blank WAS Check Progress report

Matt Foster

I recently migrated to a new computer, and while most everything with the DXLabs suite is working fine, the WAS Check Progress function is not. The report is essentially blank. By that, I mean it is not completely does have my callsign and the current date at the top, the note about it being 'Limited to QSOs with "My QTHs" whose WAS box is checked', along with the list of states. There are not any bands listed nor marks for states confirmed on each band. I double-checked that my current QTH does have the WAS box checked on the myQTHs tab, and there are QSOs (many, actually) that have that QTH selected.

This worked prior to moving to my new computer (I actually should have 47/50 confirmed on 20m), so I'm guessing that is somehow related, but I can't figure out what the issue is.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

73, Matt, N0EYE

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