Re: DXKeeper, I do have a question

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

On the main log QSOs. I have question on 2 of the fields. One labeled RX Freq in the QSO block and the other labeled ADDR in the QSL block.

Where did the DXKeeper get the information from and how?

+ Since you were logging QSOs from JT-Alert, the information in both items came from JT-Alert.

I am asking because this morning I downloaded GridTracker and instructed GT to send the logging from JTDX to DXKeeper via GT. Everything seem to be okay except those two fields did not get fill properly (blank). For RX freq I will have to manually type it in and for ADDR, I will just hit EDIT and hit the CBA and save.

Prior I was using JTALERT sending logging information to DXKeeper, everything got filled properly.

With GT, those two were blank. I am wondering what did I miss. I setup the look up in GT so that was not it, I am thinking GT did not send those that were missing to DXKeeper. That is why I am curious on how / where DXKeeper got those information from.

+ I'm not aware of any interoperation between GridTracker and DXLab.

+ Note that DXLab can plot logged QSOs on DXView's native world map, Google Earth, and the DX Atlas world map; worked and confirmed grid squares can be plotted on the DX Atlas world map.


Dave, AA6YQ

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