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Dave AA6YQ

AA6YQ comments below
Ok, with no comment.....
My 7 year old niece was playing my laptop (when we were not on lockdown).. I think most of you know the end results. The end result she set WAS qsl as submitted and then cleared the panel.
+ I don't understand what "set WAS qsl as submitted" means. Please explain.

+ Which panel was cleared?
I tried creating an sal to set it back to N ( I believe that is the state it should be before my 'jr' in training, never to touch anything with me there, operator
+ I don't understand what does "creating an sal to set it back to N" means. Please explain.
Can one help me to reset all eligible qso from 1/1/2020
+ I don't understand what "reset all eligible qso from 1/1/2020" means. Please explain,


              Dave, AA6YQ

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