Re: CW speed out of control

Dave AA6YQ

# more AA6YQ comments below

+ On the Configuration window's CW tab, what option is selected in the Keying panel?

Serial port RTS port 4

* What's connected to COM4' s RTS signal?

USB Keying (CW) and

USB Keying (RTTY)

USB Send is connected to DTR

according to the setup in my IC-7300

# Thanks. That configuration produces the least reliable CW timing, as it relies on Windows, which is not a realtime operating system.

# Assuming you have Commander running, set WinWarbler's CW Keying panel to "Xcvr Ctrl App". Then WinWarbler will send CW by directing Commander to send CI-V commands to your IC-7300, which will generate CW with rock-solid timing.


Dave, AA6YQ

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