Re: QSOs Not Appearing on WAZ Report

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

While comparing the WAZ report produced by the DXKeeper CQ WAZ Check Progress function, I discovered two QSOs that have been verified by the ARRL and have been marked as verified in my DXKeeper log but do not show up as confirmed in the WAZ report DXKeeper generates.

+ Neither the ARRL nor CQ provide a programmatic interface that would enable DXKeeper to determine that a QSO has been granted WAZ award credit, so in this case you must manually update each QSO to reflect the granting of WAZ award credit.

What must I do to have these two QSOs properly reported in the WAZ report so I can track my WAZ status?

+ With the QSL panel visible on the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab, select one of the two QSOs in the Log Page Display, set the QSL panel's "WAZ vfy" selector to 'V', and then click the Save button above the Log Page Display. Repeat this process for the second QSO.

+ Note that if you use DXKeeper to generate a WAZ submission, then after the QSOs in that submission have been granted WAZ award credit, you would be able to set their "WAZ vfy" items to 'V' en masse. See



Dave, AA6YQ

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