Re: How to disable FTx audible alarms (only) ??

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

i do not want to display or hear any audible alarms for FT4/FT8 spots.

+ I assume that you mean "I want to hide Spot Database Entries for stations operating in FT4 and FT8, and do not want an audio alarm when Spot Database Entries for stations operating in FT4 and FT8 are first created".

i have unchecked the boxes for the mode on SC's MODE filters, which seems to fix displaying those modes, but that does NOT seem to stop the audible alarms from going off for FTx...

+ Correct. For flexibility, SpotCollector provides you with independent control of what's visible in the Spot Database Display and what is announced. See


how to mute these (and these only) off??

i guess i would have thought that the Mode Filter settings would have done both.

+ That would be inflexible if it were the only option. For example, some ops keep the Spot Database Display filtered to display all "needed" active stations, but configure audio alerts for "needed" active stations on 6m only.

+ Reviewing the documentation eliminates guesswork. The documentation for audio alerts is here:


+ To configure audio alerting to match your filtering (Band, Mode, Origin, Continent, eQSL, LOTW) of the Spot Database Display, set the "Audio Alarm trigger" panel to "Needed & Filtered" on the "Audio Alarm" tab of SpotCollector's Configuration window.


Dave, AA6YQ

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