Re: N1MM to DXKeeper Gateway multiple county issue

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I'm running DXKeeper Gateway version 1.1.5 and 1.0.8701.0 N1MM and up-to-date versions of Dxkeeper and Dxview. I was working a state QSO party this weekend and one station sent me four counties in Illinois. All four counties showed up as separate QSOs in N1MM

+ Did you direct N1MM to log one QSO, or four QSOs?

+ Does anyone from the N1MM development team know whether N1MM emits one or four <contactinfo> UDP messages in a scenario like this?

but only the first two counties got transferred to DXKeeper and LOTW.

+ Where were the first two counties recorded in DXKeeper?

I was impressed that N1MM parsed it

+ To what does the word "it" refer?

and that at least two counties made it into dxkeeper and LOTW but if I were a county hunter, I'd miss the other two counties.

+ The N1MM-DXKeeper Gateway does not convey US counties from N1MM to DXKeeper; see the list of information conveyed in the Operation section of


Is there a limit of two counties or a string length issue? They all were four characters. (GALL/HAML/SALI/WHIT).

+ DXKeeper does not interpret 4-character sequences appended to callsigns as US County names. DXKeeper can record callsigns of up to 13 characters in length.

+ The N1MM-DXKeeper Gateway logs one QSO in DXKeeper in response to each <contactinfo> UDP message it receives from N1MM.


+ The <contactinfo> UDP message does not provide a means of conveying the name of a US country, or of any other secondary administrative subdivision.


Dave, AA6YQ

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