Re: Using secondary port of Commander for CW SKIMMER ?

Andrew OBrien

Bingo ! Got it now , thanks Dave . Knowing that I should stick to the K3 settings was the part that helped .

For anyone following this thread . The 705 can be used for Skimmer functions by setting the 705’s “USB AF/IF Output” to IF. I’m seeing skims for about a 24 khz range . Having a little CW Skimmer action works very well with Spotcollector and DXKeeeper.

Andy K3UK.

On Oct 18, 2020, at 5:02 PM, Dave AA6YQ <> wrote:

+ AA6YQ comments below

I had to resort to reading the instructions about using CW Skimmer with Commander's secondary port.

+ Are you referring to these instructions?


I see I'm even quoted in that section ! Now , however , I am trying to configure the an Icom.

+ The primary transceiver's make and model have no impact on the Secondary CAT Port confioguratioon.

Back in the day I think I was using Kenwood products . The instructions reference an Elecraft

+ Step 2.a and 3.c.iii of the instructions recommend configuring the Secondary CAT Port and CW Skimmer to communicate via the Elecraft K3 protocol. I'm don't know of any reason to change this recommendation.

I have Commander connected to port 3 that is installed by Icom drivers . That is working fine . I have virtual ports 5 and 6 created and paired . I have the Commander secondary port configured for port 5 with 'enabled' checked . I have Omnirig configured for port 6, however CWSkimmer and Commander's secondary port do not see each other (I do have 'follow and lead' checked ) . In Commander's secondary port config area should I choose Icom as the radio (with A4 as C-IV address ) or is this a case where I should be using a generic Kenwood as the radio setting ? I tried making sure the baud rate in Commander equalled that of Omnirig and tried various combinations for DTR and RTS . So far , no success . I did succeed in getting the frequency display in CW Skimmer to light up, but frequency equalled 0.0

+ I suggest using the settings shown in steps 2 and 3 of


+ What's critical is configuring Commander's Secondary CAT Port and OmniRig to use the same protocol and baud rate. The two connected virtual ports must also be working..


Dave, AA6YQ

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