Using secondary port of Commander for CW SKIMMER ?

Andrew OBrien

I had to resort to reading the instructions about using CW Skimmer with Commander’s secondary port . I see I’m even quoted in that section ! Now , however , I am trying to configure the an Icom . Back in the day I think I was using Kenwood products . The instructions reference an Elecraft , I am not sure of each step for the Icom 705 . I have Commander connected to port 3 that is installed by Icom drivers . That is working fine . I have virtual ports 5 and 6 created and paired . I have the Commander secondary port configured for port 5 with “enabled” checked . I have Omnirig configured for port 6, however CWSkimmer and Commander’s secondary port do not see each other (I do have “follow and lead” checked ) . In Commander’s secondary port config area should I choose Icom as the radio (with A4 as C-IV address ) or is this a case where I should be using a generic Kenwood as the radio setting ? I tried making sure the baud rate in Commander equalled that of Omnirig and tried various combinations for DTR and RTS . So far , no success . I did succeed in getting the frequency display in CW Skimmer to light up, but frequency equalled 0.0

Any help appreciated . Skimmer is working fine when not used with Commander . Obviously , for logging purposes I would like Commander and CWS to be in tandem .

Andy K3UK

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