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Ted Boerkamp

HI Dave...I have done what you asked me to do to figure out what happened causing 88 errors
With No matching qso in log. I selected the first qso in the list and I did the Update from Lotw.
I found the LoTW_UpdateSingle_ADI.txt file and looked at it.
After the <eoh> the only line showing is <APP_LoTW_EOF>
I tried to find more info on this but don’t understand the issue with it.
Any thoughts what has happened here?
73 Ted VE3SS

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+ AA6YQ comments below

Hi Dave.....this "No matching QSO in log" error has me stumped. What is DXkeeper comparing my uploaded Qs to?

+ As I stated in my previous response

"DXKeeper expects that the information reported by LoTW for a QSO exact matches that QSO's information in your log; any discrepancy produces this error message"


+ In that response, I provided an example:

"For example, if you submit a QSO to LoTW whose start time is 00:00:00 Z, then modified the logged QSO's start time to 00:00:01Z, and the invoke "Sync LoTW QSOs", the result will be "no matching QSO in log".

You say any discrepancy will cause this but that could mean anything!!

+ The discrepancy can only be in one of the logged items that DXKeeper submits to LotW. The 10 items that DXKeeper submits to LoTW are documented in the second paragraph of this article:


1. Callsign of the station worked
2. UTC date at which the QSO began
3. UTC time at which the QSO began
4. QSO Mode (mapped to modes accepted by LOTW)
5. QSO Frequency
6. QSO Band
7. QSO receive frequency
8. QSO receive band
9. Satellite name
10, Propagation mode

How am I supposed to know what has mismatched on 88 Qs???

+ As I suggested in my previous response, "Pick one mismatch, and get to the bottom of it. That will likely explain the other 87."

+ Choose one QSO in your log for which DXKeeper reported "no matching QSO in log". Right-click this QSO, and select "Update from LoTW" from the pop-up menu. After the operation completes, navigate to DXKeeper's Databases folder and use Notepad to open the file


+ After the <eoh> tag in this file, you will find ADIF fields containing information being reported by LoTW. For example, the TIME_ON and QSO_DATE fields will convey the QSO's start time. In the logged QSO you chose, compare each of the 10 items that DXKeeper sent to LoTW with the information reported by LoTW. Find the mismatch.

I have printed off the list of calls and started looking at what I logged.
I cant see anything that I missed or could be interpreted as wrong. One of the Qs I actually confirmed with a qsl card and the data on the card I received matches my log

exactly!!! If my start time is logged a minute off what the other guy uploaded, is this grounds for this error to pop up??

+ The "no matching QSO in log" message is not reporting a mismatch between what you submitted and what your QSO partner submitted.

+ The "no matching QSO in log" message is reporting a mismatch between the information you submitted to LoTW, and the information LoTW is now reporting to DXKeeper -- which should be identical to what you submitted. If it's not identical, then you either changed the contents of one of those 10 items in the logged QSO after submitting it to LoTW, or the data was corrupted in transmit between DXKeeper and LoTW, or LoTW corrupted the data you submitted.

Why did LOTW report this group of 88 errors (87 no matches error) from my first upload while I was trying to sync the Second batch I uploaded with my second callsign?

+ When you invoked "Sync LoTW QSOs", LoTW reports QSOs newly-confirmed on or after the day you last submitted "Sync LoTW QSOs" - erroneously ignoring the time of the last "Sync LoTW QSOs" invocation that DXKeeper submits with its query to LoTW. Evidently, the QSOs you submitted in your first batch were confirmed on the same day as the QSOs you submitted in your second batch. Ignoring the time of last invocation is a defect in LoTW, but it hasn't been corrected in the ~10 years since I reported it.

+ Furthermore, LoTW is not the source of the "no matching QSO in log" error messages. DXKeeper is displaying this error message because the information being reported by LoTW is inconsistent with the information DXKeeper sent to LoTW, as described above.

What filter or SQL do I need to get the list of 88 errors appearing on my log screen again?
Thank you for your is appreciated. I am not sure where to look next.

+ Focus on debugging a single logged QSOs that generated the "no matching QSO in log" error message, using the steps prescribed above.


Dave, AA6YQ

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