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Jim N7US

Once you set the filters at the node using CC User, you can close it and thereafter connect directly to the node with SpotCollector.  I have several profiles set up at VE7CC and AE5E for different filters using different SSIDs (N7US, N7US-20, etc.) for different purposes.  N7US-20, for instance, gives me CW spots for the contest bands from K/VE, and I use that with N1MM+.

My standard profile, N7US, gives me spots from K/VE for 160-10M and from other stations in W9 for 6M, all excluding FT4/8.

In the original days of AK1A's DX PacketCluster (I was a sysop for many years), unfiltered spots were known as "The fire hose."

Jim N7US
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On Fri, Oct 16, 2020 at 3:04 PM Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:
> * More AA6YQ comments below
> It is en easy program to create filters which can be sent to the cluster. That limits bandwidth.
> + SpotCollector provides the ability to pre-filter cluster spots. See
> <>
> + With SpotCollector running, the VE7CC user application adds no value, but forces incoming spots to be processed twice, unnecessarily increasing CPU loading and memory consumption.
> That's not really accurate - (AFAIK - it's been years since I've used
> it) filters configured by the (VE7)CC User program are effected *on
> the cluster node*, so the spots don't even traverse the network
> (internet). This may make a significant difference to someone with
> limited bandwidth, and would not consume CPU/memory on the client PC.
> Those filters can be configured using commands/macros, but the CC User
> tool provides a nice GUI.
> * The CPU and memory consumed by running the CC User app significantly exceed the cost of conveying ~100 byte spots over the network every few seconds.

Curious how you quantified the cost of each, and what the actual results were?

I would have guessed that the network consumption would be more than
"~100 bytes every few seconds", especially if skimmer spots are

I'm very lucky to have gigabit fiber internet to my home. I'm guessing
that some DXLab users have somewhat less than that, and some of those
users may have PCs with adequate capacity to run the CC User client (I
don't really it being especially bloated (but again, it's been years
since I used it).

> * Is there something wrong with SpotCollector's pre-filter GUI? There's a screen shot in the article cited above.

I think it's more about where the filtering is effected (on the client
or on the server). My point about the CC User GUI is that it provides
a nice interface for managing *server-side* filtering


    ~iain / N6ML

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