FW: [ARRL-LoTW] LoTW now supports FST4

Dave AA6YQ



Dave, AA6YQ

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Subject: [ARRL-LoTW] LoTW now supports FST4

The ADIF standard has been updated to support FST4 as a sub-mode of MFSK.
Accordingly, CONFIG.xml for Logbook has been updated to version 11.13 to support FST4. Users will be offered the update when they run TQSL.

FST4 is only available in WSJT-X. An ADIF file emitted by WSJT-X should properly identify FST4. Therefore, anyone using the WSJT-X ADIF file for upload should find it smoothly imported in Logbook, provided that they have updated to use the latest version of the Config file.
Greg, K0GW

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