Re: I can't get DXLabs to talk to N1MM+

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I have an Icom IC7300 connected to Com 3. The DXLab Commander connects to the Icom using COM3 at 115200 baud. I have a Com0Com pair set up as COM 14 & com 15. The secondary CAT in DXLab Commander is set to COM 14, at 38400 baud.

In N1MM, radio 1 is set to COM 15 at 38400 baud. All COM ports are set to No parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, DTR off, RTS off. The icom address is set to 94 in each program.

+ Commander's Secondary CAT port is intended to allow applications (e.g. panadaptors, SDR consoles) and devices (radios, antenna tuners, antenna controllers, antenna switches, radios) to track and control the primary transceiver's frequency and mode as if they were interacting with a transceiver via CAT commands. It does not provide full emulation of any radio's CAT commands; for example, it ignores CAT commands that track/control RX bandwidth, RX/TX switching, split enable/disable, etc.

+ N1MM evidently requires more CAT functionality than Commander's Secondary CAT port provides.

If I terminate DXLab and connect N1MM to COM 3, it all works nicely. If I terminate N1MM and run Logger32 instead, with DXLab Commander running, it all works nicely.
I have tried setting the baud rate on the secondary CAT port to the same as the primary port, but it made no difference.

Where am I going wrong?

I would like to use DXLab Commander, in order to display the panadapter with spots overlaid on my monitor. Currently, that is not possible.

+ Typically, logging applications like N1MM expect to directly control your transceiver.

+ If you want Commander to display active callsigns on its Spectrum-Waterfall window, then you will need SpotCollector running. For SpotCollector to correctly highlight stations with whom a QSO would advance your award progress, you would need to install DXKeeper, create a log containing your QSOs, and specify your award objectives.

+ I'm fairly certain that N1MM can display a Spectrum-Waterfall window for your IC-7300, as Tom N1MM gave me some pointers back when I was developing Commander's Spectrum-Waterfall window.


Dave, AA6YQ

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