I can't get DXLabs to talk to N1MM+

John, G4DRS

I have an Icom IC7300 connected to Com 3. The DXLab Commander connects to the Icom using COM3 at 115200 baud. I have a Com0Com pair set up as COM 14 & com 15. The secondary CAT in DXLab Commander is set to COM 14, at 38400 baud.
In N1MM, radio 1 is set to COM 15 at 38400 baud. All COM ports are set to No parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, DTR off, RTS off. The icom address is set to 94 in each program.
If I terminate DXLab and connect N1MM to COM 3, it all works nicely. If I terminate N1MM and run Logger32 instead, with DXLab Commander running, it all works nicely.
I have tried setting the baud rate on the secondary CAT port to the same as the primary port, but it made no difference.

Where am I going wrong?

I would like to use DXLab Commander, in order to display the panadapter with spots overlaid onĀ  my monitor. Currently, that is not possible.



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