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Ted Boerkamp

Hi Dave and Ian, Just submitted my second batch of logs using my second call VE3TJB (540 Qsos)
Upload was perfect again. After sync lotw qsos I now got message 626 Qsos processed (How come that many?)
And 539 log entries updated and 88 errors.
I have 1 duplicate qso in log (my fault!)..the rest all from the VE3NKZ group (first group I submitted yesterday)
And they all say "no matching QSO in log".....this error is not listed in the link page you gave me to read
So not sure what this means...can you please explain and let me know how I fix it.
Should I fix these 88 errors and resubmit before hitting the sync lotw qsls button??
Thanks again


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+ AA6YQ comments below

Hi Ian.....This batch was the oldest of 3 batches based on my first callsign VE3NKZ and based on its specific myqthid. The year range is old covering contacts from 1981 to early 1990.

I had hand entered all of this batch and converted local time to UTC where needed.
After the sync lotw qsl button push, I got only 7 log entries updated and 0 errors!!!

+ A very low LoTW QSL rate for QSOs made from 1981 to 1990 is not a definitive indicator of problems, especially if they were all submitted with the same "Station Calsign".

I got no notice of any mismatched times etc.

+ LoTW does not report "mismatched times". The errors that can be reported when you submit QSOs to LoTW are documented here:


Maybe this is legit and they are just too old?

+ Given the information you've provided above, that's quite possible. Of the 1783 QSOs I made during 1991 (my first year as a ham), only 90 have been confirmed via LoTW; that's 5%.


Dave, AA6YQ

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