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On 14/10/2020 23:00, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
# even more AA6YQ comments below

* more AA6YQ comments below

+ Are "OOO and RO" appropriate for JT65 in all cases, or only when
the propagation mode is set to EME?

Only for EME

* Thanks, Joe. With the propagation mode set to EME, are "OOO and RO" appropriate as default signal reports for all K1JT modes, or just JT65?

* 000 is the default "RST sent" and "R0" is the default "RST Rcvd" - correct?

those types of reports are optional even in JT65 mode. In general they are used when fixed dual alternating tones are used instead of encoded messages for the acknowledgement and sign off stages of QSOs. These so-called short codes have increased sensitivity allowing QSOs to be completed with marginal propagation and station equipment. They hark back to CW EME operating where repeated single charcters or pairs of characters are sent for a complete period, i.e. OOOOOOO..., RORORORO..., RRRRRRR..., 737373737373... . They are used, by prior agreement, after callsigns are exchanged using regular messages.

# Thanks Bill! Based on your comments above and the "EME QSOs" section of the document Iain N6ML recommended:


# it would seem appropriate for DXKeeper to use OOO and RO as the default signal reports when the Propagation Mode implies very weak signals: EME, Meteor Scatter (MS), and Tropospheric Ducting (TR).

# Any objections to this proposed enhancement to DXKeeper?


Dave, AA6YQ
Hi Dave,

I am not convinced, short codes do get used for EME on some bands but I would not necessarily say it is the default position.

Also the only report is O, there is no report of RO as that is a combination of "roger I have your report, and my report is O", so you would no more log RO as a report than you would log R-13 as a report, i.e. you would log -13 only.

I think that all that is necessary is to be able to log 'O' or 'OOO' as a report, either sent or received. It hardly seems worth logging such reports anyway as merely logging the QSO is evidence that the operator has confirmed that a QSO was completed, i.e. callsigns and one other QSO specific piece of information (gridsquares) have been sent *and* acknowledged both ways.





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