Re: LOTW upload first time

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Hi Ian.....This batch was the oldest of 3 batches based on my first callsign VE3NKZ and based on its specific myqthid. The year range is old covering contacts from 1981 to early 1990.

I had hand entered all of this batch and converted local time to UTC where needed.
After the sync lotw qsl button push, I got only 7 log entries updated and 0 errors!!!

+ A very low LoTW QSL rate for QSOs made from 1981 to 1990 is not a definitive indicator of problems, especially if they were all submitted with the same "Station Calsign".

I got no notice of any mismatched times etc.

+ LoTW does not report "mismatched times". The errors that can be reported when you submit QSOs to LoTW are documented here:


Maybe this is legit and they are just too old?

+ Given the information you've provided above, that's quite possible. Of the 1783 QSOs I made during 1991 (my first year as a ham), only 90 have been confirmed via LoTW; that's 5%.


Dave, AA6YQ

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