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Ted Boerkamp

Hi Ian.....This batch was the oldest of 3 batches based on my first callsign VE3NKZ and
based on its specific myqthid. The year range is old covering contacts from 1981 to early 1990.
I had hand entered all of this batch and converted local time to UTC where needed.
After the sync lotw qsl button push, I got only 7 log entries updated and 0 errors!!!
I got no notice of any mismatched times etc. Maybe this is legit and they are just too old?
I am not sure what else I can do yet. I am going to read the links that Dave has
Suggested and I may go ahead and try batch 2 to see if the match rate gets better.
My next batch will use a different call and covers years from Mar 90 to Oct 94.
My third batch will use my current call and covers Nov 94 to present day.
All three batches have different myqthids as well.
73 Ted VE3SS

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If it was a case of LotW not having processed the entire upload yet, I
think that the result of the "Sync LotW QSOs" operation would not have
shown all 554 processed (as reported in the original post). To be
sure, the OP might check the LotW web interface under "Your Account"
-> "Your Activity", and examine the "Result" of his upload.

It sounds like there's some sort of issue with the uploaded QSOs
that's causing failure to match. Assuming that the QSOs are not very
old (like decades old), I would expect a match rate closer to 50%. As
a total guess, perhaps the QSOs were logged with local time instead of
UTC. Without more history, there's not a lot to go on here.


~iain / N6ML

On Tue, Oct 13, 2020 at 7:09 PM Mike Flowers <> wrote:

Hi Ted,

On the LotW page that shows your QSOs, there is a button to show you your most recent QSOs that you have uploaded.

When you see all your uploaded QSOs there, you will get the desired result when you click Sync QSOs in DXKeeper.

When that is completed, Sync QSLs will update DXKeeper with those QSLs from LoTW.

-- 73 de Mike Flowers, K6MKF, NCDXC - "It's about DX!"

On Oct 13, 2020, at 6:53 PM, Ted Boerkamp <> wrote:

Hello all....I have just made my first batch upload of 554 contacts to LOTW.

After pressing the sync lotw qsos button , I got message that all 554 were processed, 0 errors.

All good so far...

This is where I am confused....what is the difference between sync lotw qso’s and sync lotw qsl’s??

I pressed that button next and I got back 7 qsl’s processed only!!! 7 log entries updated, 0 errors.

What just happened here? It only matched 7 of 554 Qs I submitted??

Does this mean the other 547 calls never submitted to LOTW to match my submissions?

I am seeing that the 7 entries had both their rcvd and sent status updated to Y.

Do I still have to hit the Update from LOTW button at this point? And what does that do?

I have 2 more batches of logs to submit under other calls and myqthid’s so I want to

understand whats going on.

Any help or quick explanation is most welcome.

Thanks Ted VE3SS

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