LOTW upload first time

Ted Boerkamp

Hello all....I have just made my first batch upload of 554 contacts to LOTW.

After pressing the sync lotw qsos button , I got message that all 554 were processed, 0 errors.

All good so far...

This is where I am confused....what is the difference between sync lotw qso’s and sync lotw qsl’s??

I pressed that button next and I got back 7 qsl’s processed only!!! 7 log entries updated, 0 errors.

What just happened here? It only matched 7 of 554 Qs I submitted??

Does this mean the other 547 calls never submitted to LOTW to match my submissions?

I am seeing that the 7 entries had both their rcvd and sent status updated to Y.

Do I still have to hit the Update from LOTW button at this point? And what does that do?

I have 2 more batches of logs to submit under other calls and myqthid’s so I want to

understand whats going on.

Any help or quick explanation is most welcome.

Thanks   Ted VE3SS

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