Re: Creating a List of QSO's with DXCC Entities for which Confirmation is Needed

Russ Ravella

Thanks for the response Dave.

But I’m trying to figure out how to obtain a list of the QSO’s for worked but unconfirmed DXCC entities.  Is that possible ?

Russ KR6W

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+ AA6YQ comments below

When I run RAT>Summary in DXK, a table results which includes my "Mixed Worked" total and "Mixed Confirmed" total.  I'm trying to figure out how to obtain a list of the QSO's that constitute the difference (worked but unconfirmed DXCC entities).  Since a DXCC confirmation can be either via LOTW or QSL card what is need is a list covering both cases.  I asked about this once before but I still don't understand how to do it. Your response to a similar request I was able to find on the forum was:

+ Yes: DXKeeper's "Add Needed" function will populate the QSL Queue with unconfirmed QSOs with needed DXCC entities, after which you
can export a tab-delimited file from the QSL Queue.

+ To learn about the "Add Needed" function, start here:


After describing some initial setup steps, the "Getting Started with QSL'ing" page to which the link points says:

When you click the Add Needed button, DXKeeper scans all QSOs in the Log Page Display for unconfirmed QSOs whose confirmation would advance your progress towards these awards on the bands and modes specified on the Configuration window's Awards tab, creating an entry in the QSL Queue for each such QSO.

Reading the instructions I can't see how to include both cases at all.  If I select "LOTW" in DXK>QSL>QSL Via, the "Add Needed" button in QSL Queue is greyed out.  So it can't create any entries as stated above.

I've tried to create an SQL Filter to do this but can't find expressions for items like "DXCC Entities Worked" or "DXCC Entities not Confirmed" I seem to need.  Since DXK can create the table, it obviously knows which are the worked but not confirmed entities.  How do I just list them ?

+ In the "Realtime Award Tracking" window's DXCC tab's "Award Progress Filter" panel,

1. click the All button

2. uncheck the Unworked, Confirmed, Verified, and "Include deleted DXCC entities" boxes (leaving the Worked and Requested boxes checked)

+ The "Award Progress" panel above the "Award Progress Filter" panel will list all DXCC entities that have been worked, but not confirmed. To obtain a printable list, click the  "Award Progress Filter" panel's Report button.


                  Dave, AA6YQ


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