Re: Changing cell height

Paul Kelliher

Thanks, DaveĀ  Worked great. Thank you & 73

On 10/10/2020 8:15 AM David Bunte <dpbunte@...> wrote:

Paul -

I can't often help folks on here, but this one I have dealt with so here goes:

Simply put your cursor in the left most column, move it up or down until you see the up/down arrows, and then move the line to provide the desired height in that row. When you let go of the mouse they will all be the same height.

73 de Dave - K9FN

On Sat, Oct 10, 2020 at 8:11 AM Paul Kelliher < Paulkelliher@...> wrote:
Yesterday I inadvertantly changed the Log page display (not sure how I did this) such that the cell height is now larger than it was previously. I have read through the section on modifying the display but can find nothing on changing cell height. I can find width, fonts, order, etc but not height. As it is now my cell height is about half again the height text font within it resulting in a lot of wasted space. How can I reduce (shrink) this cell height?

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