Handling the LoTW?ClubLog/QRZ side after editing a logged QSO ?

Andrew OBrien

I'm a tad confused.

I had a contact with a station and logged it to the wrong band (Commander had not connected) .  I realized my mistake and corrected this, but not before my incorrect QSO info had uploaded to LoTW. After I corrected things,  I was about to simply upload it to LoTW again but noticed DXK  did not provide that option.  Instead, I was presented with the option to"Update from LoTW" .  That baffled me a little but the info that came back showed the QSO was now correct. I did not notice anything in DX keeping updating LoTW after I made the correction  but, magically,  LotW log was correct. That is good . However, I then received an email from my contact indicating that the QSO was listed on my QRZ page and had the wrong band, still. QRZ gets info from my Clublog account.  . What is the correct method for correcting an error in one's log and then having ClubLog corrected ?  I see that within DX Keeper I can "delete from ClubLog" but that would delete the corrected log entry , right ? 
Andy K3UK 

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