Sending to LOTW for fhe first time

Ted Boerkamp

Hello to all....I have just completed entering all of my paper logs into DXkeeper.

I have about 12K of logs. They are split up through 3 callsign changes and I have the certificates

for all 3 established at this time. My questions are:


1.       Can I upload all 12K of them at once across all 3 callsigns, or should I be uploading one group/one certificate

at a time? From what I am seeing in my logs, all of them appear to have the LOTW sent button set to R already.

I am expecting some errors to come back at me and thought it might be better to do this in 3 batches instead so

I am not swamped. Any suggestions???



I am looking forward to seeing what happens when I upload so any  advice is most welcome.

73  Ted VE3SS

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