Re: Get tuner status after auto-tuning IC-7300 and AH-4 using custom controls?

Björn (SM0SBL)

On Fri, Oct 2, 2020 at 03:34 AM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ The IC-7300 has a built-in SWR meter. Thus one could complement the user-defined command sequence that initiates tuning with a
second user-defined command sequence that toggles between two states:

1. when it's first clicked, the sequence issues the <txmeter swr> command, and then issues commands that set the RF power output to
5 watts, set the mode to RTTY, and switch from RX to TX

2. when it's clicked a second time, the sequence issues commands that switch from TX to RX, set the RF power output to 100 watts,
set the mode to CW or SSB, and then set the TX meter to whatever you prefer to monitor when transmitting during normal operation.

I'm sorry Dave, but I don't understand how you mean?

As the rig is remote I can only 'see' things through the communication interfaces and as DXLabs cannot read status information I cannot see anything that way.
I was adviced to involve some other softwares as a layer between DXLabs above but for me that complicates stuff to much and increase the risk of an unusable station until the spring arrives when it is again possible to get out to the island where the station is located.

I will most probably go with the snooping idea that, even if it fails, don't render my station unusable (except for the fact it is involved in connecting the antenna which I must deal with using potential backup solutions...)
Or is your suggested solution actually doable in my setup in a way I don't understand?

I'm also fully aware of the fact that DXLabs is NOT made for remote usage in the first place so I will not try to make you implement the read-back of status.
I use it remotely as well because I really like the wonderful integration of a multitude of tools in a such a clever way, and all for free!
Björn, SM0SBL

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