Get tuner status after auto-tuning IC-7300 and AH-4 using custom controls?

Björn (SM0SBL)

I'm using a custom button in the commander to initiate an auto-tune sequence.
As I'm running my radio remote I would like to find a way to see the result after tuning.
Easiest would be to read the status directly from the radio using another custom command to see if the tuner is still turned on after the auto-tune cycle but it seam not possible to read values from the radio, only to write commands to the radio.
I'm I right?
Anyone who has already solved this in one way or the other?
As far as I understand I will either have to hope for the best, or implement e.g. an Arduino snooping the control signals to the AH-4 to see what the 'answer' is after a tuning sequence using a simple web interface.

Regards, 73 de
Björn, SM0SBL

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