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Alan Swinger

Dave - It is a U Green external soundcard that was working all OK before the HD replacement and DXLab restoral. I went to the link you suggested and after I click the Transmit Mixer adj panelI do not get the Vol Mixer display in the wiki, but rather  a Sound Window w/ a choice of two Speaker options - the Realtech and the USB Audio Device (which is selected and checked). I double-clicked that spkr optionand get a Speaker Properties Window where I clicked the Levels tab and get two sliders - one for speakers and one for Mic . . . I adjusted both to the 75% level per the wiki and unmuted the MIC.. I clicked the Start on the WW Main window and still no keying heard or power out from the K3 Can't go beyond this point in the wiki since the rest needs RF power.
I did the steps w/ the K3 at 110W and compression at 0; also have the "Let apps use my Mic" in Settings enabled.

For info, my LT also does not key the USB Audio Device or the K3. However, with its realtech internal SC, WW keying is heard but it is not putting the K3 in transmit.
Are we back to your earlier conclusion that the Soundcard may have failed?
Alan K9MBQ 

On Sun, Sep 27, 2020 at 3:17 PM Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

To clarify since I am getting terms mixed up. I have an external Sound Card (U-Green), not an External Modem. So, seems like the External in the MODEL box of the WW Config tab should be Blank. If agree, how do I delete the External entry?

+ If you're using a soundcard rather than an external modem, then WinWarbler's external modem model selection is irrelevant.

+ If you are using a soundcard to transmit, then another possible cause of failure is that you don't have the Windows multimedia mixer configured enable "playback" from the soundcard with appropriate volume. See



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