Re: DXLab Restore Problem

Alan Swinger

Dave/all - Thought I had everything restored and running properly, but found today when trying to transmit in the RTTY test, that I could not. Using an external modem (UGreen) that was working all OK before had to replace the HD and get DXLab working w/ your help. Went thru this problem last Oct and got it all running on Dig/RTTY w/ your assistance. So, connections to and from the K3 to Modem to computer have not changed and K3 settings have been verified. Receiving RTTY all OK, but cannot transmit.
WW settings:
- RTTY: uploaded from Workspace and match what I have on the laptop
- Soundcard: PSK & RTTY Receivr - Windows Default Soundcard (note: other options do not work); PSK & RTTY Transmit - Speakers (USB Audio Device); Phone Transmission - Speakers (USB Audio Device). Note: these are the same setting I had before when it was transmitting OK.
- External Modem - Model - set to External as the Ugreen is not listed; Serial port: set to none, baud 9600, word length 8, stop bits 1, parity none. I tried setting the port to 4 where the USB is connected, but still no transmit, receives OK w/none or 4. Also, the "Send control characters from Transmit Pan" is unchecked.

Appreciate help.
Tks - Alan K9MBQ

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