Re: problems integrating IC -746 as second radio into commander

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On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 4:30 PM Jim <> wrote:

Update - I found something interesting. Apparently the IC-746 needs a special cable in order to use the accessory port for data on vhf. for some odd reason they decided to put vhf data (originally for packet ) on the 7 pin DIN connnector while the HF data connection goes to the 8 pin DIN. Initially I thought this strange but thinking back its not at all. THis radio was designed early to mid 90's for the packet craze. Remember we had DX

The ACC port pinouts for the IC-746Pro are on p21 of the PDF manual.
If you actually have an IC-746 you'd need the correct manual (which I
assume is online if you google hard enough). I expect the ACC ports
are the same because they are pretty much the same across Icoms, at
least the pre-USB models. VSEND had to go to ACC(2) because HSEND was
on pin 3 of ACC(1) already. A better question might be "why did they
need two PTT lines" but I don't have an answer.

If you use the 6-pin mini-DIN "DATA" port there appears to be only a
single PTT. It's truly a pity that the industry never got behind this
standard (see

The IC-746Pro dates from about 2001. I don't believe the non-Pro was
out for more than a year or two before the Pro came out. The only
difference that I know of is that the Pro has DSP filtering while the
non-Pro requires a fleet of FL filters.

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