Re: WSJT-X log pop up to log to DX Keeper


What you describe also happens to me on occasion.  I now wait to click on the Log It button until I receive his 73 or he goes away.  On crowded bands—like 20 meters—this happens regularly when I’m working Europe.

There is a way to possibly predict the distant station will not copy your RR73 or 73.  Look at what he sent you for a signal report if it is lower than roughly -10 start thinking he may not receive your end of QSO message.  For me I click the transmit button/bar to enable transmit and select the 73 message to send from the sequence list.  Then if I get the 73 from the distant station I un-select transmit and click OK to log the QSO. Repeat as necessary—which is usual for really weak distant stations.



Dave, w6de

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Sent: Sunday, September 20, 2020 17:01
Subject: [DXLab] WSJT-X log pop up to log to DX Keeper


T6AA is on 20m FT8


I double click T1 WSJT FT-8 program.

So my FT-8 program sends a report to T6AA

I see he responds with report to me

A log pop up box comes up to log to DXbase so I click it and my FT-8 sends him a single RR 73
 All right that was easy . 

So now my FT8 program is all done sending.

As far as it’s concerned the contact is completed.

I see T6AA still sends me a report 

Clublog later shows NIL

What do I do to get a good QSO acknowledgement using  FT 8 when at my end the software is all done?

Is there something wrong with this software sequencing or is there something I should or shouldn’t be clicking?

It was all just so easy when the ‘clicking’ was done on my CW paddles! Ha!

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