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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I agree Ian, bizarre.....have no idea where Dave is coming from

+ Jamie, the description of DXKeeper's Operator item is "the callsign of your station's operator".


+ It is designed to record a single callsign, not a list of callsigns.

my only suggestion was to expand this field longer than 13......nothing to do with illegal use, fabricated callsigns, etc.....I'll crawl back under my rock now.....

+ I misunderstood your request.

+ I cannot expand the meaning of the Operator item from its current "the callsign of your station's operator" to "a comma-separated list of station operators" because there is no ADIF field with the latter definition. If implemented, the requested expansion would prevent DXKeeper from exporting an ADIF OPERATOR field from a logged QSO's Operator item; that would be a regression in DXKeeper's functionality.

+ As Joe W4TV suggested, if you want each of your contest QSOs to record all of the participating operators, setup a user-defined item for that purpose; the capacity of a user-defined field is 1024 characters. See



Dave, AA6YQ

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